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5 Expectations of Your Realtor

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

5. Disclosure and Honesty

You are about to embark in a partnership. Take it seriously. Real Estate agents commit to a stringent code of ethics and standards of practice. What you as a buyer or seller should demand is informational dialogue supported by compliance and these professional industry standards to meet and exceed your expectations. The right agent will answer questions, find out the right answers, and refer you to experts for answers, especially in legal advice scenarios. D&H should be established at first meeting and a continued flow of communication meeting these objectives expected by you the buyer or seller throughout the partnership and negotiation of the property transaction.

4. Use of Technology

Face it, life's connections and processes are online. There are apps, platforms, and gadgets in the real estate world designed to make connections easier -- text and whats app, compliance followed -- Docusign, and overall communication of transactions -- MLS apps and customer relationship management tools (CRM) more seamless. Digital signatures are prevalent, compliant, and secure. Connected apps can be structured in your best interest of neighborhood search and outreach critical so you and the agent can access property information, often, in real time to keep everyone focused and not miss an opportunity of a buyer's interest or the timely, and well-executed offer on a property. Unless your agent is living off the grid, you should expect use of tech. However, nothing circumvents one-on-one of visual interface or just good "old-fashion" face to face. Demand a mix of it all.... that is if you want it. You're in charge of how you want your communication.

3. A Network of Industry Related Business Relationships

There are customers, clients, and third parties integral to the real estate transaction process. Professionals, such as, lenders and mortgage originators, title companies, home inspectors, roofers, painters, attorneys, stagers, landscape maintenance pros, handymen etc. should be in your agent's contact portfolio. At any point in the property process of buying or selling a home, one of these professionals may need to be referred and brought in for the homeowner or the buyer. Rule of thumb-- Ask for a minimum of two referrals. You will be the deciding factor on the work to be done.

2. Knowledge of the Local Market + Business Acumen

Your agent can get information on the local real estate market from hundreds of sources, yet if they do not have the business acumen to analyze and interpret, coupled with negotiating skills in business, those stats may not mean much towards a successfully, closed property transaction. More than volume of properties sold, weigh other factors that will mean more to you in the long-game. Consider their stamina in business world, that all important established expectations first meeting, and who will actually be available to you throughout your buying or selling experience?

1. Availability

Here is where it becomes personal. As a real estate professional today, I know how important it is to be available --whatever the time, where ever in the world you might be--time is of the essence mentality. Just ask my children. I have taken those calls at 11pm to resolve a "keep my client up at night question" and made a timely offer and won the deal while on vacation out of town. What you expect from your agent is a do what it takes, within reason and compliance mentality. They may rely on their team for some details, but they should always be visible and available to you if they value the partnership and trust you have bestowed them. Trust me. I know.

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